LSG Incorporated is a real estate-finance consulting firm, based out of the city of Toronto, which provides service and advice for your business and/or personal needs. Our company is comprised of three divisions which help us custom tailor your service from step one to step done.


There are a few necessary components almost every business requires when getting started. To ensure your business gets off the ground, and more importantly stays there, we assist with the key elements you will need in order to Learn, Succeed, Grow and develop your business in to what you envision it to be.

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They say 90% of millionaires developed their wealth through real estate, so we take properties seriously. We want to Learn what your needs are, in order for us to Succeed in acquiring your desired goals and motivate you to Grow to the next stage of your real estate development plan. Whether you’re just looking to rent, buy, sell or invest in real estate located throughout the Greater Toronto Area, our goal is to facilitate and complete your transaction in a timely, professional and efficient manner while also thoroughly outlining the steps to take you to the next level.


Once we Learn and identify your financial goals, the objective is to custom fit a financial blueprint to your lifestyle guaranteeing you Succeed, and then raise the bar ensuring you continue to Grow towards your full potential. The average Canadian will finance their house, their car and most likely their education as well, so understanding credit and how it works gives us the capacity to better facilitate our clients with their car loans . Specializing in financial services further enables us to provide our clients with a higher level of service for your transaction. We do our best to look at real life scenarios, circumstances and situations, along with credit and income before coming up with the best possible solution to meet our clients' needs.

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We take a unique approach to servicing our clients. We’re a progressive company, constantly aiming to provide elite service to an extremely diverse clientele. We aspire to not just meet, but exceed our clients' expectations, not only in service, but in added value to their lives.

L EARN – to acquire knowledge by study, experience or instruction; to become informed of or to find out Meeting our clients’ needs, but more importantly understanding their circumstance.

S UCCEED – to acquire the correct or desired aim or result; to happen or terminate according to desire Our clients’ success is our accomplishment.

G ROW – to develop or gradually increase in size or amount; become greater or larger; expand We aspire to influence our clients to progress towards their goals one day, week, month, year at a time.